Thursday, April 8, 2010

LYRICS: tei15 trk 23 the cure

(press play to hear music to song)

i wanna give a shout to my f'n block but f' all u niggas that turn to f'n cops/ (repeat)
i wanna give a shout out to my city but, f' all u niggas who dont f' wit us/ (repeat)

okay i gotta gun in my pants/
my son in right arm his diapers in my left hand/
im just tryna do whats right for'm hustle hard as i can/
create a better life for'm answer all his questions/
in order to do that i gotta be there/
u squares dont see squares/
every event we there.... yeah/
and there is not a corner we share/
the whole city mines it must be two sides/
lol gnr brandnew jew-el's brandnew cars/
brandnew ranru still got old scars/
or mini van ran i still got my old cars/
new cars but still no new scars/
touch r's... u already know lets go/
im still too poe b-l-two o's d-fense
holdin me down i present/

wolfpackgang represent/
im on some shit... i need incense/
reality check... this intenze/
no salary no check no pention
u get the point riiiight/
this ya joint riiight/
this the shit that would of been on the both sides/
hop the fence they had pigz on both sides/
they put me ina wheelchair for fo' five/
(months) i been rolling for long time/
im rider been riding since long johns/
no jordans got my kj900's on/
king vitamin at the table eating & writin/
ff ran still eating & writin/
dem fags forged my name they looking just like me/
u can bite me, bitter cuz ya nothing like me/
u dont excite me actor... im not a fan sorry/

and im sooo dontarie/
i open my macbook im sooo safari/
even tho that mac shake i hit every target/
even tho i got cake im still in target/

maaan that boy ran say hard shit....
goin hard every time reguardless/

i wanna give a shout out to the ladies but... f' all u bitches who dont f' wit us! (repeat)
i wanna give a shout out to my babies but... f' all u baby momma's (kiddding nah)

kilt'm like when tony took pussy for that boat ride/
awww shit u step in dog shit,

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