Thursday, April 8, 2010

LYRICS: dec trk 7 "shake"


i just woke up time to roll up this
no mo buds aint left but this
i dont giva fuck i'll stuff a dutch this
i hate rolling blunts when it aint nothing but
that shit all over the place i got a bed full of
it almost took me a hour to roll this mf
i love that its sour but i hate that its
imma jump in the shower then imma light up this
i hopped out the shower and i lit up that
the 1st i hit it i got a lip full of
i had to brush my teeth aint nothing in em but
i got that 3d white b4 use it i
while im brushing my teeth im still puffin this
u can tell im addicted cuz only fiends smoke
i gotta get some weed... i cant be smoking this
i can hear digi now... j this nigga smoking

he selling all that weight why the fuck he smoking
i'll bet he laugh so hard that his f'n belly
mrs ru will laugh so hard it'll probly make her jelly
damn my dick get hard when i see her jelly
sometimes i think dirty thoughts i gotta take my head and
i usta play those parts where even the hardest niggas
i usta bang that "shook" so hard the car
i usta pay my cook to rock up jars of that
now he get paid to cook blocks, and i let'm keep the
my bb on vibe so when it ring it
i got that big 45 & when it sing it
let them hot slugs fly, when it hit ya ride it
bullets go thru ya side b4 u die ya body
yeah we throw up r signs and rep r sides when we
i swear u touch 1 of mines i'll make this city
im on that lean all the time this syrup this aint a

i usta rock two chains, u can dem bitches
thats why i quit wearing chains i usta hate to hear'm
thats why i quit taking planes man i hate it when they
thats why u got no aim u too scared ya hand
just look at ya man... he sweet as vanilla
i never seen a killa doin the harlem
nah i take that back my man killa usta
and my man trill thad he was bad he usta
ya man lookin bad, he need a bag he can
his shorty usta be bad she had a ass that'll
every time she walked pass i was glad to see it
now when the hoe walk pass it look bad when it

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