Thursday, September 29, 2011

LYRICS: peepin' ran

staring thru ya window, i see u got that white on/

its just getting dark but inside u got the lights on/

today she in shorts yesterday she had them tights on/

i caught her working out doing yogi with her nikes on/

not the black one's the white one's/

the 1's with the grey check, i got a pair just like'm/

tonight she going out in the mirror putting her ice on/

she got the kind of shape that anything look nice on/

everything concise precise sooo enticing/

im starting to get a woody… i turn my device on/

the last tape i watched so much i was reciting/

the music you was playing in the background… frightening/

i replayed it over & over… rewinding/

u in them red thongs… winding, grinding/

i almost climbed in you made me so excited/

i see you highlighted ur hair its cute i kinda like it/

we friends on Facebook every pic u post i like it/

& i was so delighted the day u had invited/

me to your party in the place where u reside at/

that day i decided… that we should be one… united/

tonights our anniversary/

today we been together a year & u certainly/

haven't noticed me none/

and im starting to feel that this relationship is done/

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