Tuesday, April 26, 2011


we just swerving x6

summertime… its hot out/
f' it pull the drop out/
middle school drop out/
ballin no lock out/
i swear the whole block out/
& u know the f'n cops out/
u know hot out, they pull up & hop out/
(word) u know i brought glock out/
10 shot maggy, pants kinda baggy/
2 clips in my pocket so my pants slightly saggy/
niggas face get soggy, when i pull out sally/
got the dutch all soggy tryna roll that cali/
the pigs in the alley, the fiends kinda aggy/
since the price went up them niggas got that whip up/
times is hard fam… so niggas whip up/
break the whole chic up, & put in the blendaa/
whip it to the right keep water in the center/
maaan i got right this winter/
balled all summer, like the #1 stunna/
in that h2 hummer on 30's nuthin younger/

headed to the hood swerving thru the corners/ (swerving)

chrous: we just swerving x6

all black gsxr… im rolling take a picture/
i flew thru the traffic light, the camera took a picture/
im roooolllllinnn… but not on e pills/
most of us got 2, but some on 3 wheels/
my man flew by me doing 90 on one wheel/
a voice in my chatterbox said "yo son ill"
yeah that shit was surreal, but is talking bout me or son on one wheel/
cuz shawty on the back gotta ass thats unreal/
im eatin i aint miss one meal/
if u ask me about me they will tell u son real/
the son went down, so i turned my lights on/
all black everything including my icon/
every chick out got some hills & tights on/
as soon we pulled up they was biting like pythons/
we shine like hid lights throw the brights on/
fam hit throttle his shit sound like a pipe bomb

its time to ride out get ya horse & hop on/(swerving)

chrous: we just swerving x6

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